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The NiteFind™ Range is designed and made exclusively by SOL

SOL has developed a new range of products called NiteFind. By integrating a neon polymer into our products, we have designed an easy to find range of appliances for customers 

The leading product in our NiteFind range, is our NiteFind Splint. Available as a Flat Plane, Tanner, Michigan, NTI and MCI splint, our NiteFind Splint range is, as you have come to expect from our appliances, comfortable, easy to fit and perfect for splint beginners who may dislodge their splints at night until they are used to wearing them. As a bonus, NiteFind Splints do not require any extra care. Cleaning NiteFind Splints is the same as cleaning our standard splints.

The NiteFind Strip visible colour is currently available in three colours, the standard cream colour as shown in the photo on the left, pink or blue. The 'glow' colour remains the same, no matter what colour the NiteFind strip is made.

The NiteFind strip can also be added to splints previously made by SOL.
Activating the NiteFind Strip is as easy as leaving the appliance or splint exposed to a light source. The longer you leave it exposed, the longer it stays active.

Our NiteFind™ Range is also available for the removable acrylic appliances listed on our appliance page. We are able to add the strip to any acrylic whether it be a new appliance or a previously fabricated appliance. Of course for removable retainers, the NiteFind colours can be used as a fun addition to any acrylic pattern or design. 
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